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Science and bread

Baking bread is a science. I hear this sentence a lot, from the website readers and colleagues, and find this to be fact from my explorations in the world of bread and baking. There are too many factors that require precision while baking bread, such as starting temperature, humidity,  flour to water balance (hydration), timing, type of flour and even the microbe we just grew in our sourdough starter.
“The baker” website,  is an exploratory website, founded on the background of two baking areas of expertise.
On one hand, the bread and baking research, which is very rich and extensive. Much research  about flours, bacterias, yeast and the baking process has been conducted in the last 100 years and is still being published frequently.  This research, directed by brilliant scientists, especially from the field of biochemistry and agriculture, were performed mostly under controlled conditions in labs and written in a complex language with scientific vocabulary.

On the other hand, hard-working bakers, from all over the world, learn and bake every day their special recipe for artisan bread. Those recipes are often written by reliable and unreliable advice which reached every baker’s ear.
“The baker” project was founded for connecting between the scientific area of bread research and the practical daily work of every baker. Our goal is to make this information accessible in baker language that all the bakers should use.  
Our additional goal is gathering the large community of bakers and 
giving it the additional value by sharing and exploring together different baking processes.אישא

So where to begin?

You reached this page and want a starting point? We have great options for you. First, its a good idea to search our categories on the upper menu (bread baking researches and articles). There you can find that the categories are arranged by all the baking phases: kneading the dough, proofing, baking, using sourdough, flours reviews and material for baking bread and more different articles about bread. 
If there is any stage you are not good at,  or you want to enrich your knowledge at this stage, choose it and read the articles which are relevant to you. In addition, if you feel ready for baking, jump to our recipe page or our sourdough bread recipe. Enjoy!

Who am I

My name is Adi, those girl’s dad in the picture up there,who help me stand on my feet every morning, exploring and baking every idea and thought on my mind. Some experiments take a day or two and some take a couple of months to a whole year. Eventually, with all the biological and chemical chaos, and all the numerous variables in the flour, the dough, and the baking itself, we have great and surprising results. 
This website was created by me with my expertise in computers, chemistry and biology. The media was also created by me with professional photo equipment I own.
If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask in the form below, our whatsapp line or on any article comment feature.

Baking hotline

Many bakers  get stuck in the most critical moments while baking. That’s the reason we founded our Whatsapp  hotline.

To receive a quick response in your time of trouble, click on the green button to send us a message with pictures or videos. You can email us as well. We’ll get back to you as soon we can (we’re also  baking…..)

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