Dough hydration calculator - water precentage in the dough

So after learning about hydration we just want to find what the hydration of our recipe is, right? The baker website gives you the hydration calculator.  Our calculator calculates the the total amount of water inside our recipe.  At first sight, calculating how much water should be easy, but when we use a starter with different amount of water than the rest of the recipe, things start to get messy… until we use our hydration calculator
So how do we use the calculator?
The first part of the calculator (yellow) – We solely calculate the hydration level of the sourdough. We just need to choose the amount of water and flour we usually refresh the starter with, then the gauge will display the exact starter hydration.
The second part of the calculator (brown) – Here all the variables are calculated together. At first,  we add the exact amount of starter we use in our recipe, the calculator automatically calculates it with the hydration we had in the first part (the yellow). Then, we add the water and the flour in the recipe and the formula is set to go.

I recommend adding our hydration calculator to your favorites. The calculator will be the most useful tool while you planning your next beautiful loaf. You can easily add the calculator to your phone main screen with clicking on the browser menu.  Do you have any question?  Please comment on one of our articles